Top Ten Most Popular Majors

CNN partnered up with to publish a list of the most popular college majors. For your convenience we've added links to related free online classes where applicable. In alphabetical order, they are listed as follows:

1. Biology

Ecology and genetics are just two major career fields that regularly court graduates of this major. Biology remains a popular field of study due to its excellent preparation in many fields, such as medical school and microbiology.

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2. Business Administration

At nearly $60,000 a year starting, business administration graduates do enjoy a very high salary right off the bat. Completing a bachelor's in this major could set the stage for you either earning an MBA, or opening your own business.

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3. Communications

Because of its emphasis on the interpretation and analysis of visual and verbal messages, communication majors often have skill sets that parallel those of English majors. However, comm can often be a more direct route to professions like reporting and speech writing.

4. Computer Science

Common belief holds that comp sci majors are only proficient in one single category: the computer. But in fact, this major instills manifold skills into its graduates, preparing them for a diverse array of technical tasks, with six figure salary being a very real possibility as well.

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5. Criminal Justice

You can do so much more than cuff a bad seed after having earned a criminal justice diploma. You might consider working for the FBI, or combining your degree with another in sociology, for even more salaried pay.

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6. Elementary Education

You should know that elementary education teachers make the lowest initial salary of any of these majors. However, demand for the field remains high, and graduates in this field can likely find work anywhere in the country.

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7. Marketing

This major has earned enormous appeal for the range of skills it can endow you with. With a specialty in marketing, you can either focus on public relations and sales, or more creative fields like the creation of advertisements themselves. 

8. Nursing

Twenty five million workers strong, the nursing industry remains the largest force in health care. If you're considering a nursing career, you will definitely want to aim for a degree as a Registered Nurse, in order to heighten your marketability.

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9. Psychology

This field of study attracts hordes of wide eyed undergraduates every academic year. Those of them wanting to become actual practicing psychologists, however, will need to continue on to graduate school.

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10. Political Science

If you are on the lookout for a major that can propel you into working for the government, look no further. Many lobbyists and diplomats were poli sci majors in college. You may also find job opportunities in journalism, business, and, of course, politics. 

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