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Psychology is one of the fastest growing areas of study at American universities. Here, you have a chance to experience a few of the topuniversity lectures and class series for free. If you're interested in human development, social attitudes, or the psychology of different cultures this could be a good place to start learning more.

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Academic Strategies - Kaplan University

You will learn the strategies for effective online communication. You will learn that your ability to achieve your personal, professional, and academic goals is directly related to identifying your own values; matching them with the work values and environment of the occupation you want to enter; and creating an action plan to achieve your goals.

Conversation on Instructional Design - Utah State University

This conversation between Dr. Robert Gagné, and Dr. M. David Merrill, took place July 10, 1989, before an audience of about 200 at Utah State University. A series of papers based on this discussion later appeared in Educational Technology Magazine. The conversation highlights the main points of Gagne and Merrill's respective learning theories, and a comparison of the events of instruction, and Component Display Theory.

Human Development Across the Lifespan - Dixie State College of Utah

Human Development Through the Lifespan is devoted to the study and understanding of constancy and change for human beings, male and female, in the physical, cognitive, social and emotional domains interpreted through a variety of theoretical frameworks, contexts, and interdisciplinary research.

Literature Reviews - Utah State University

This course is designed to help students in doctoral programs write a literature review that is appropriate for a dissertation or thesis proposal. The course will emphasize skills for writing the Problem Statement and conducting and writing the Review of Literature. Even though the Procedures section is an important part of the dissertation proposal, it will not be dealt with extensively in this class. Other courses which deal specifically with the appropriate design, analysis, and interpretation issues which the student will use for his or her research should be taken prior to this course.

Social Attitudes and Public Opinion - UMass Boston

This course examines the nature of attitudes, beliefs, and values, and the influences which indiviudals' attitudes have upon their behavior. Various theories of attitude organization and attitude change are discussed, and the development of social attitudes is explored by examining the differential impact of the family, the educational system, the mass media, and the general social environment. The changing content of public opinion over time and its relationship to the political system are also discussed.

Introduction to Social Psychology - University of Notre Dame

The overarching goal of this class is to provide students with a working knowledge of social psychology and to stimulate an interest in ourselves, the world around us, and the connections between the two. This is a course about how we become who we are - how our personalities (or our selves) are shaped by others, the groups we belong to, the social structures around us, and our interactions as social beings. However, interaction is a process between entities, a two-way street. Hence, it is not only about how the world around us shapes who we are, but also a course about how we shape the groups that we belong to and the social structures around us.

Psychosocial Aspects of Visual Impairment - UMass Boston

This course investigates the psychosocial aspects of vision loss. Coping techniques and issues of self-esteem are explored, along with principles of self-determination. Other topics include the psychosocial aspects of personal life management such as orientation and mobility, use of volunteers, sexuality, and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Psychosocial issues specific to people from diverse cultures are also addressed.

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