Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University (GCU) is a leading private Christian university whose campus is found at the heart of Phoenix, Arizona. The school has been a center of academic excellence since the mid-20th century.

As a Christian university, GCU has a steadfast commitment to enabling each student find their purpose and realize their potential.

The university has a rich Christian heritage and strives to integrate the Christian faith into all aspects of university life. It places strong emphasis on ethics and Christian values as pillars of the learning experience. GCU is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. In addition, various accrediting bodies have awarded specialized accreditation to the university's core programs.

  • Total enrollment: 37,440
  • Undergraduate enrollment: 21,657; Male: 23.7%, Female: 76.4%
  • Tuition and fees for 2010-11: $16,500


  1. Amenities - the university's modern amenities include a state-of-the-art student recreation center, Olympic-size heated pool, two new dorm facilities and the 5,000-seat GCU Arena which hosts various social and sporting events. The Thunder Alley dining hall has recently been completed on campus, which accommodates several restaurants and a 6-lane bowling alley.
  2. Early program completion - for those who wish to complete their studies in a shorter time and graduate earlier, the university offers 4-credit courses. These courses are an excellent option as they allow you to attain your academic goals faster and attend to other obligations elsewhere.
  3. Learning options - in recognition that students have different learning needs, the university offers a variety of learning options. Some students may wish to attend classes on campus. Others choose to enroll for evening programs after attending to work or other obligations during the day. For those unable to attend classes on campus, online degree programs which are 100% online are an excellent choice. You may also choose to study using a combination of methods.
  4. Military friendly - the university recognizes the challenges that military students face in attaining a college education. Military professionals may enroll for the university's military program, which allows them to pursue their academic goals in a truly supportive academic environment. The university also offers military scholarships and discounts, which allows military students to earn their degree with minimal financial strain. Those who choose to earn their degree from GCU can be sure of gaining a competitive edge to accelerate their career in the military or make the transition into the public sector.
  5. Online learning - GCU has one of the most well-established online learning systems in the nation. Online programs are offered by various colleges, which include arts and sciences, business, education and nursing. The online learning system runs on a 24/7 schedule, hence students may study at whatever time they choose. In addition to the outstanding instructors available on campus, GCU has also established a pool of full-time faculty members exclusively for online students.
  6. Program diversity - the university offers more than 100 academic programs at the bachelor's, master's and doctoral level. Fields of study include arts and sciences, business, education, fine arts and production, and nursing.
  7. Student and faculty achievements - both students and faculty at GCU clearly demonstrate great talent. Two students from the College of Fine Arts and Production were awarded the 2010-2011 AriZoni Awards of Excellence for their role in theatre while 2 faculty members received awards in 2009-2010. The university was further honored with 11 nominations in various theatrical categories. Various faculty members have also been recognized for their scholarly presentations and theatrical performances.


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