Financial Aid Resources Online

The internet is an excellent source of information on financial aid for educational purposes. If you're enrolled in a college program or plan to pursue a college education, one of your main sources for information on financial aid should be the worldwide web. Some of the online financial aid resources you may want to explore are outlined below.


1.   Fastweb

The site provides information on numerous scholarships for college students. More that 1.5 million scholarships worth over $3.4 billion are available in the Fastweb database. Fastweb also guides registered users in the process of seeking financial aid, to pay for college. 

2.   FinAid

FinAid provides comprehensive information on loans, scholarships, savings, military aid and other types of financial aid, to help students meet their educational expenses. Students can also obtain information on how to fill out financial aid applications properly as well as career advice.

3.   US Department of Education

The US government is the major source of funding for educational expenses. Various funding programs are available for students, through the US Department of Education. Some of the programs, which are available online, include:

The Federal Student Aid Office provides comprehensive information for students who plan to pursue a college education. Areas that are addressed by the Federal Student Aid Office include:

(a)  Preparing for college - the site provides information on how to prepare for post-secondary education, choosing schools and what to expect in the admission process. Both students and parents will find this information useful.

(b)  Getting money for college - the site explores various types of aid for college students, eligibility requirements, how to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the process entailed. Students can also obtain information on how to maintain eligibility for financial aid and what to do once school is over.

(c)  Repaying your Loans - this includes repayment plans and calculators, the public service loan forgiveness program and how to go about postponing loan repayment.

(d)  Career information - the site also provides information to guide students in making smart career choices and making a smooth transition from school to occupational settings.

This is a site maintained by the US government that addresses planning for college education, paying for your education, campus life, career development and military funding for college.


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